About Us

Why Can You Trust Celsius Bleu With Your Skin?

Who are we?

Celsius Bleu is your premier provider of male skincare products that actually work. We have relentlessly worked to develop a regimen that won't break your bank and provides actual results for your skin. Our products are from South Korea where they produce next level cosmetic products.

Why Celsius Bleu was Founded?

We developed a daily regimen for men that we want to share with the rest of the world. The passion and drive that has given Celsius Bleu such wonderful traction comes from the fact that everyone struggles with their looks at one point in their lives. As we all know, skin problems can be an embarrassing issue. For this reason, we have worked tirelessly to finetune a program that brings results and nothing less. As with most things in life, good things only come after dedication and perseverance.

By sticking with the scientific principles of research and development, Celsius Bleu is proud to have the ability to offer you knowledge, information, and solutions that has taken us years to perfect.

Why You Can Trust Us?

Prior to starting Celsius Bleu, our Co-Founder, Adrian Kim, worked for a Korean skincare distributor and learned how the industry really works. Getting familiar with the challenges that plagued the male skincare industry was critical in allowing him to develop a successful regimen to having flawless skin. A true understanding of the science behind the ingredients that go into skincare treatment is absolutely critical. Our face is a delicate and precious part of our body, and we must be careful what we put on it. While working with the Korean skincare distributor, Adrian discovered that there was something missing from the market. The skincare market was lacking a platform where men could freely go and learn how to start taking care of their skin. Celsius Bleu is leading the way in bringing you all the information you need on the top quality products from Korea just for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.